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We sell proteas (a part of the fynbos group of plans), growing protea seeds, as well as seeds and starter kits. We also sell smoke primer disks for germinating fynbos and protea seeds.

If you are looking for a gift for someone interested in fynbos or proteas, browse through the gift catalog - we sell prints and cards, books (even a colouring and activity book) and an award-winning DVD about bushmen called "The Great Dance".

Use the catalog and seed finder (described in the green paragraph) to find the seed or fynbos product for you.

If you have any questions, check the FAQ or contact us. Enjoy.

Before ordering any seeds - check whether your country has import requirements.

Your country may have import requirements. If you choose to ignore these, we will not reimburse you for orders that are not delivered successfully - Jan 2021

Popular products
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Fynbos Starter Pack containing a collection of 3 Fynbos species: Protea(sugarbush), Leucospermum(pincushion), Leucadendron(conebush), all indigenous to South Africa
Fynbos Starter Pack
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Waterwise Starter Pack containing waterwise plants from South Africa
Waterwise Starter Pack
Catalog Image
Bird of Paradise Single Pack contains Strelitzia reginae seeds from the Strelitziaceae family
Bird of Paradise Single Pack
Protea cynaroides
Protea Cynaroides (10 seeds)
Green tree pincushion, Hairless tree pincushion, Leucospermum conocarpum, (Afrikaans: Goudboomgroenkreupelhout, Kreupelboom)
Leucospermum Conocarpodendron spp viridum (10 seeds)