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Welcome to our site.  Browse for information about proteas (a part of fynbos), growing protea seeds, and buy seeds or starter kits.

We also sell smoke primer disks for germinating fynbos and protea seeds.

If you are looking for a gift for someone interested in fynbos or proteas, browse through the gift catalog - we sell prints and cards, books (even a colouring and activity book) and an award-winning DVD about bushmen called "The Great Dance".

Use the catalog and seed finder (described in the green paragraph) to find the seed or fynbos product for you.

If you have any questions, check the FAQ or contact us.


Finding and Ordering Seeds

In the bar on the right or below, is a "Categories" and a "Seed Finder" drop down.  Just click on the word and it will expand into a list of categories or plant properties. Click again and it will collapse.

If you select a category by checking the box next to it, you will get a list of all the products in that category.  Some products are in more than one category (e.g. a book about growing protea will be under "book", "protea", and "gift"). Select any number of categories to show products in one or more of those categories.

The Seed Finder works differently - if you want seeds that are "easy to grow", check the relevant box.  If you now check (say) the "good cut flower" box, then the display will show only seeds that are both easy to grow and have good cut flowers.

Increasing quantities ordered:

  • click on shopping cart on the right hand side of page
  • a drop down menu of your order will appear
  • click on the turquoise 'cart' button
  • you can now adjust quantities