Country requirements for importing seeds

The countries mentioned here are ones we have had feedback from when exporting our seeds.

It is ultimately your responsibility to find out your own country's requirements and then adhere to them or not. We do not refund for any seeds sent, that are destroyed by customs, because requirements below are not adhered to.

We have been exporting seeds since 1998 and to date, these are the countries we have had feedback from.

Of these requirements, we can supply the phytosanitary certificate (Phyto). You can add it to your order from our catalogue .

USA customers can go to:!ut/p/z1/04_iUlDg4tKPAFJABpSA0fpReYllmemJJZn5eYk5-hH6kVFm8X6Gzu4GFiaGPu6uLoYGjh6Wnt4e5mYGzl7G-l5gjQj9IBPw64iA6oAqh1P6kUZFvs6-6fpRBYklGbqZeWn5-hHJJfHFuYk5OTn5JcXxxampKfoF2VGRALQXxBk!/

for the USDA Small Seed Order Permit and mailing labels.