Aloe Ferox (10 seeds)

Common Name
Bitter Aloe or Red Aloe
  • Commonly known as Bitter aloe or red aloe.
  • It grows as an erect single stemmed succulent to height of about 3m and spread of 1m.
  • The succulent leaves are are thick and spiny along the edges and attractive even when plant not flowering.
  • The flowers are a stunning bright orange/red color and when in full bloom look like long candles.
  • They are full of nectar attracting insects and birds.
  • Flowering occurs in winter to spring.
  • Probably one of the best known aloes in South Africa due to it's healing properties.
  • The jelly like flesh from the inside of the leaves is considered to have excellent wound healing properties.
  • The well known Aloe ferox gel is made from the whole aloe leaf and is used extensively in the cosmetic industry.
  • It soothes, nourishes, moisturises and heals damaged skin cells and is used as a basic ingredient in complete ranges of skin care creams.
Price per pack of 10 seeds