Bird of Paradise Single Pack

An attractive, easy to post envelope-sized package, containing everything you need to grow indigenous South African Strelitzia from seed.  It makes an ideal gift.  The package is adorned with attractive photos of the flowers and covered in a self sealing cellophane sleeve.

This is one of the most striking and well recognised rhizomatous shrubs in South Africa. It grows to a height of 1.5m, with large basal leaves forming clumps which are attractive in their own right.

The tufted growth gradually multiplies and can be divided during spring and summer. The flowers are a dramatic blue and orange and have a distinctive shape resembling the head of a bird- hence the name 'Bird of Paradise'.

They flower from summer to autumn. They are striking feature plants and very popular with landscapers. They grow in full sun or semi shade are wind tolerant, doing well in coastal gardens.

They are beautiful as cut flowers and last well.

To help you get started, the pack contains 3 seeds, detailed growing instructions and Cape Seed smoke primer to enhance the germination process. The strelitzia is suitable for low-frost climates. 


Price per starter kit
Bird of Paradise Single Pack