Crane Flower Single Pack

Crane Flower Single Pack contains everything you need to grow Strelitzia juncea from seed.

Contains 2 seeds of this unique plant. To help you get started, the pack contains detailed growing instructions and ape Seed smoke primer to enhance ther germination process.

The strelitzia is suitable for low-frost climates.This is one of the most striking ornamental plants in South Africa. It grows to a height of 1-2m, with long, upright, rigid, needle-like leaves, forming clumps which are attractive in their own right.The flowers are a dramatic blue/purple and orange and have a distinctive shape resembling the head of a bird- hence the name 'Crane flower'. Although the leaves are very different, the flowers are very similar to the Strelitzia reginae. Flowers appear from end of autumn through to mid spring.

They are slow growers, but once established are long-lived. They require full sun to flower well, can survive with little water and can tolerate light frosts. They are spectacular as cut flowers and last well.

Price per starter kit
Crane Flower Single Pack